Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Bitch!

In the dating years, if you date more than 12 people, you start to realize that the people you are dating start to repeat themselves. And the same type of person comes up several times.
This was true with me. 
I had figured out that if you have a reasonable amount of charm, and are not too creepy, or full of yourself, you can be pretty successful at getting chicks. Especially if you act like you could care less. 
But there is this one type of woman/girl that kept coming up. Apparently I am attracted to them and vice versa. You know them, they are the overly confident, controlling, sarcastic, red headed bitch. They run everything, make executive decisions like they were born to it, and have honed disdain to an art form to the point that they can cut you down with one look. They use phrases like "if you create a leadership void by your inaction, don't blame me when I fill it!" They are intimidating to men by being 10 times better, and smarter than anyone in the room. 

My first of these was in High School. She picked me up with the line "who the hell are you?". I can't count the amount of times my friends asked me how I could date such a friggin' bitch. My answer was always "well, you just need to get to know her I guess". 
We were hot and heavy for years, joined at the hip. Until she left to go into the military. The second was a spitfire from Boston. 
The thing about these women is that they break up with you every other week. It's a thing they do. Once I took her word for it and went out with another girl. She found out, got drunk and almost broke down my door in the middle of the night yelling at me about that "whore" I took out that night.
Waking up my neighbors.
The third one, I finally married. 
The thing is, that when I dated other types of women, they tended to put up with my shit. They would laugh at my stupid jokes, shrug off my back handed compliments, and ignore my obvious looser-ness. To me, this always seemed disingenuous. Maybe they thought I was cute, or something..I don't know, but it always ended badly.
The RHB (red headed bitches) women are extremely unimpressed with my charm. Are keenly aware of the amount of looser I am, but see me as worthy of their interest. For whatever reason.
That's o.k. because frankly, in a purely sexual and base, ego gratification way...  it works for me. See, these women are beautiful inside, they take charge because they feel they have to. They are loyal and interesting to talk to, they are fun and adventurous, they have good hearts and when they love, they love all in.
And when I look at other men who are intimidated by them, and fear them, and are threatened by them. I like to think..."yeah, that intimidating woman? That woman you fear? I'm fucking her, you pencil dick"..

See, there are plenty of pony's in the corral, ready and domesticated to pick from. But I walked past those, grabbed a rope and went into the wild to get a horse that would give me the ride of my life.
Smart, independent, strong women are just hot. But it takes a special kind of cowboy to wrangle them.
That's just my opinion. 
Also, it helps to have a Slavegirl. 


  1. This is too funny because that's who my husband is attracted to. His first wife wasn't. And as I am a red headed "Ice Queen" bitch my husband married me. He said that the first thing that really attracted him to me was the fact that I knew what I wanted. The second was that I challenged him. Third was my body roflmao. Fist bumps for us smart, independent, strong women.

  2. I've dated two people in my entire life, and when I say "dated" I do NOT mean "slept with." The first one lasted 3 years and the second is coming up on 20.

    I'm not sure what my point is but that picture is funny.

    1. I's my first added pic. And not all hot women are red heads, some have jewfros and drive messy mini vans.


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