Friday, May 25, 2012

Hot Moms in the Summer.

I drive around for a living basically.
So I'm not in one place for long. My mornings are spent in the industrial district, and I deal mostly with guys with beer guts and hard hats clanking around in tool belts and work boots.
Then it's off to another part of the city. I go through a few residential areas on the way and I see people going about their day.
Summer is especially nice for this.
Look, I'm at that age where the women who are supposed to be hot call me "Mr.". But seriously, I can't see them as adults anymore. 20-somethings with no life experience have that doe eye of clueless-ness. It's o.k., I don't expect them to have the wisdom of the ages, and I don't think they are too worried about my opinion.

In my travels, I see moms, outside with their kids, gardening, washing the car, getting groceries out of their trunks, watching their kids at the playground. And in the summer, they wear shorts.
And that is awesome. Forgive me, but these women are totally hot. And I mean that is the most base kind of objectifying way of course. 
These are the real women, and I know that is cleche' and way over used. But the fact is that these are the women I can actually see having actual sex with. Not that I would of course, I am no stalker. I certainly don't slow down and stare that's just creepy.
It's just that this is the kind of ocean I swim in and these are the fish I like.
I am sure there are men who really only like super models, or those "wooo girls" in the bar with the cowboy hats showing their tits while holding up a pitcher. Then there are those little petite things, or the power executives who secretly want to be tied up and spanked... ok I will have to admit, I kinda' like those women too... but I digress.

I still like the roundy women, with lots of curves and happy faces. They come with an inner beauty, and have nothing to prove.
I don't know, that's kind of cool I guess. And sure, there are plenty of hot moms that are not so curvy, and some petite little moms. But hey, I have a preference and I'm not really hurting anyone. 
So, while you are outside washing your car and some dude drives by looking as if he has not even noticed you, it's entirely possible that he is thinking to himself...DAMN THAT IS ONE HOT MOM!!
Also, MILF is not a phrase I use. I feel like those people are late and discovered something I knew first.
Slavegirl is a mix of all those women, and also likes to double as a footrest, which is an odd, but handy skill she has.


  1. I don't understand why men have to apologize for thinking women are good looking. What's wrong with that?

    I say that as a roundy woman, though

  2. Well, Jillsmo.
    I am not apologizing for that. I was trying to hold back a little. My original posting was rather raunchy and I was trying not to be offensive. However. I would be happy to expound on my love for the female form in greater detail if my blog followers don't mind. You know I could write an entire blog exclusively about curvacious women... I just worry it will appear to be some kind of fetish.
    O.K. you know what? Just using the word "fetish" when talking about "roundy" women kinda' proves your point. I should be able to think they are sexy without thinking I am a weird. Point taken.

  3. It's very refreshing to hear this from a man. Many times women (to include myself) think that if they are aren't a size zero, have flat abs and boobs that seem to have anti gravitational powers..that their body is disgusting.

  4. I must add. It's not a's a sexual preference. Be as raunchy as you want to be lol!


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